About Green & Associates

We are a community-focussed law firm based in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs focused on results through practicality and simplicity.

Since our inception in 2014, we have been driven by and focused on one thing only: to not only win our case or achieve our target, but to do it in the quickest, cheapest and most impressive way possible. Each and every one of our clients can expect that from us in every matter we undertake.

We are committed to serving Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs through our criminal, commercial & personal practice areas.

We believe everyone has the right to a second chance and the opportunity to make dreams a reality.



After years under the tutelage of some of the most talented and well-respected solicitors and barristers in NSW, but wanting to do things differently in his own way, Dominic Green founded Green & Associates Solicitors in August 2014.

He is an admitted solicitor in New South Wales. In addition to a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) and postgraduate legal qualifications, Dominic has a number of postgraduate qualifications in subjects apart from the law.

Throughout Dominic’s years of practice as a solicitor, in addition to criminal law, he has undertaken a vast array of work in both dispute resolution and in the provision of transactional and advisory services. He has worked on many complex and high-profile litigious matters, often alongside some of the most talented barristers and impressive legal minds in Australia. 

Dominic is a very active member of the local Potts Point Community, having grown up there since early childhood, and supports small businesses, individuals and community causes. He is also Treasurer of the Potts Point Partnership. 



Gia is a driven, pragmatic, and experienced solicitor. She has over 11 years’ experience providing high quality legal service with an extensive focus on property and commercial law.

She is an admitted solicitor in New South Wales. Along with her Bachelor of Laws, Gia has her Masters of Applied Law (Majoring in Commercial Litigation) making her an extremely skilled commercial lawyer.

Over the course of her career, Gia has worked predominantly in the areas of property and commercial law focusing on commercial leasing and small business (including selling/buying businesses, franchises and establishing partnerships and joint ventures) and but also has experience in family law, wills and estates and succession planning. One of her previous roles was for NSW Police Force, were she worked as Senior Associate gaining valuable experience in dealing with the administrative side of the legalities for various criminal matters. She brings a wealth of expertise from the other side to our firm that our clients really appreciate.

With all of her experience and knowledge, Gia is a truly astute commercial lawyer and has a remarkable track record for results and positive outcomes for clients. 



Lily is a young and gifted solicitor that has a keen eye for the law. She has been involved in many cases both, criminal and commercial, working closely with Dominic, providing her with the expertise and know-how to apply the law in different scenarios in a practical and commercial manner. Lily  holds degrees in both law and international studies. She has also completed postgraduate law studies and is an admitted solicitor.

Before joining Green & Associates Solicitors, Lily worked at both an international commercial law firm and the Environmental Defenders Office, bringing another level of experience to the team.



Anthony is a passionate and dedicated individual who has completed his law degree and practical legal training. He is currently awaiting admission to practice as a solicitor, and until then, works as the team’s head paralegal, alongside Dominic and Lily.

With previous experience in internal and external dispute resolution at Westpac Banking Corporation, Anthony is equipped with the skills and understanding to assess cases, negotiate expedient resolutions, and where that is not possible, prepare matters for Court. He has also built invaluable experience in criminal law since joining the Firm.

Anthony is a quick thinker and can simplify complex legal issues. He understands the stresses of being charged with a criminal offences, and is dedicated to achieving desirable outcomes for clients.



Ken is forward thinking and enthusiastic. He has an undergraduate degree in Commerce majoring in Marketing.

He has previous experience as a Business Services Supervisor in a national law firm which dealt with large and complex litigation, including class actions. Coupled with his studies, Ken is well experienced and knowledgeable. 

Ken is interested in creating unique content, being active in the local Sydney Eastern Suburbs community, developing mutually beneficial business strategies as well as establishing positive relationships. Ken provides invaluable assistance in handling the administration of the Firm, its marketing and initiatives, and client relationships.



Possibly the sweetest and most devoted Rottweiler in the local Potts Point area, she is a crowd favourite (except to those with outstanding invoices).

Since joining the team at start of 2021, she has become an integral part of the Firm. 

Ivy is responsible for debt collection, office security, and the mental wellness of staff and clients. She is also the governing body for morale in the office.


At Green & Associates Solicitors, we have an impressive contact base, spanning across industries and practice areas, in NSW, in Australia and abroad. Where a particular matter or client requires it, we will utilise our contact base and draw some of the following people for any matter:

  • Highly skilled and knowledgeable barristers.
  • Industry experts.
  • Forensics psychologists.
  • Scientific experts required for both criminal and commercial matters.
  • Accountants and financial analysts.
  • Other domestic and international collaborators as assessed on a case-by-case basis.


This has, and continues to enables us to tackle even the most complicated matters, sometimes involving multiple parties and assets or Courts in multiple countries.

Have us in your corner. We have the knowledge and experience to get you the outcomes you deserve