Conveyancing is the legal work involved in preparing the sales contract, dealing with finance and the requirements that come with it (i.e. mortgages, caveats and loan documents), and taking all the steps necessary to ensure a commercial or residential property can be successfully purchased or sold and transferred.

While there are licensed conveyancers in the market offering cheap fees, and this option suits for some straightforward transactions, for more complex transactions or in order to receive in-depth advice on more complicated scenarios or related issues, such as loan documents, potential tax consequences, asset protection or the particulars needs of unusual purchaser or vendor (seller) entities, sound legal advice is required.

We have experience in both transactions and advice, and dispute resolution and litigation, in this field, ranging from the most simple to the most complex and expensive of transactions. We can see the issues a mile away, cut through the red tape, and advise and act quickly and efficiently, without compromising our advice or the protection of your interests.

At Green & Associates Solicitors, what sets us apart is our addiction to not only achieving your target or goal, but doing it in the quickest, cheapest and most impressive way possible. Each and every one of our clients can expect that from us in every matter we undertake.

We are a law firm located on the border of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and the CBD, and have a notable 95% success rate. With over 20 years combined experience and over 1,000 cases, cases, we have the knowledge, skill and experience to achieve the result you want. It is our practicality, honesty, transparency, genuineness, determination devotion and tenacity that sets us apart in choosing who to protect your interests when dealing with conveyancing. If you or someone you know needs help with conveyancing, contact our team today for a free initial consultation, and take the first step to securing the legal advice and assistance you deserve.

We speak your language, and have an ability to understand the nuances of even niche or novel business concepts or personal dilemmas quickly and intricately. We take a strategical & practical approach, and our clients are always pleased with how quickly we cut through the red tape and get the job done.

We have transparent and reasonable fees, and new clients are regularly surprised with how up front and honest we are (and a standard 10% early-payment discount also helps).

Our communication is also regular and we operate on full disclosure, so our clients are kept updated at every step of the way and across all the details of their matter or case.

Our staff are approachable, dedicated and happy, and always available for a chat (or a pet, in the case of our dog), so feel free to get in touch for an initial consultation free of charge.

Have us in your corner. We have the knowledge and experience to get you the outcomes you deserve