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Partnership agreements are essential for establishing the roles and duties of two parties (or a group of parties) working in business together. An unclear partnership agreement can lead to miscommunication, conflict and disputes that may require costly legal mediation. 

When working alongside another party, it’s important to have a clear, legally binding agreement in place to ensure stakeholders uphold their responsibilities. Whether you’re collaborating with a startup or creating agreements for your company’s shareholders, our expert commercial lawyers will create an airtight agreement that protects your rights at every turn. 

With over 40 years of combined commercial, criminal and personal law experience, we’ve established ourselves as one of Sydney’s leading partnership agreement lawyers. We’ve worked with growing startups, large-scale companies and everyone in between. No matter your business or project, our team will deliver an ironclad partnership agreement NSW business partners can rely on. 

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At Green & Associates, our commercial lawyers streamline the shareholder and company partnership agreement process with clear communication, expert guidance and dedicated support you can rely on. 

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When do you need a partnership agreement lawyer?

When it comes to business partnerships, it’s vital to know where you stand. A company partnership agreement is essential for outlining the roles and responsibilities of you and your business partner. This ensures clear communication and a fair delineation of duties throughout your partnership, allowing all parties to act in their best interests. 

A partnership agreement should outline the following terms:

What is a shareholder agreement?

A shareholder agreement is a type of partnership agreement between the shareholders of a company. This agreement clarifies the obligations and rights of a shareholder. Shareholder agreements also transparently explain the company’s operations, as well as describing proper procedures for dispute resolution and shareholder resignations. 

A detailed shareholder agreement should outline the following criteria:

A properly managed shareholder agreement shows potential investors that your company is managed in a transparent, orderly manner and reduces the chance of new shareholders requesting a renegotiation of the existing agreement. 

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Partnership agreement FAQs

In some cases, a new shareholder may request a renegotiation of the existing shareholder agreement. This usually occurs when a new shareholder is taking ownership of substantial equity in the company. In this case, a new shareholder agreement must be negotiated and signed between the existing shareholders and the new shareholder. 

If a new shareholder agrees to the terms of the existing shareholder agreement, a Deed of Accession must be made between the company, the new shareholder and the existing shareholders. This allows the company to register the new shareholder as part of the company’s register. 

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No, a written partnership agreement is not legally required for your company. However, oral agreements between two parties are significantly more difficult to manage and uphold.

We recommend obtaining expert legal advice before entering into business with another party or company. A written agreement outlines the vision of your business endeavour as well as essential criteria including how the business will be managed, the responsibilities of each party and the proper procedures for dispute resolution. 

Written partnership agreements provide stronger legal standing for both parties and outline proper operational guidelines in the case of disputes.

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