Keep Competitors from Clowning with Your Business: Passing Off & Other Tools

September 7, 2015 Perhaps as a result of the employment market or general economic conditions, we’ve seen a noticeable rise in recent times of commercial wars between small businesses, with varying circumstances. In one case, for example, a competitor with a long-standing relationship with our client set up shop across the road, using the same branding, […]

Franchises: The Road to Financial Freedom?

February 18, 2015 Recently, we acted for a lovely couple in another business deal-turned-dispute. In this case, it was a franchise business. The parties had agreed on a price, the vendor had even offered a discount on account of franchise transfer fees, and everyone was looking forward to a quick settlement. Our clients were naturally […]

How Blind Negotiations Can Put You in the Red

November 26, 2014 We acted for a client recently in negotiating the purchase of a significant share of a startup business (a company). No matter how many times we insisted that the other parties obtain their own independent legal advice, they refused to do so. They were sure they knew what they were doing, and […]