From Side Show to Main Stage: Why Bail Could be the Bulk of Your Case

November 5, 2015 In recent times, we’ve dealt with a number of matters where the issue of bail turned out to be the majority of work undertaken in the matter. Obviously these are matters where bail has been refused at first instance, and defendants are held in custody. There are a variety of reasons for […]

Keeping Your Nose Clean: The Problem with Proceeds of Crime

October 28, 2015 Over the years we have handled a number of cases involving proceeds of crime, including applications for freezing and forfeiture orders brought by Police. In addition, common preliminary questions asked of us of clients in criminal cases, and particularly drug matters, concern the likelihood of such an application being brought and its […]

To Suffer in Silence? The Dangers of Legal Visits & Cooperation on Arrest

July 23, 2015 Given the recent media attention to the push towards law reform in this area, and the fact that it is something we regularly consider in criminal matters, we thought we’d throw out a few tips on the lesser known dangers associated with legal representation immediately following a charge, and general cooperation with […]

Green & Associates Solicitors Get Serious Criminal Affray and Offensive Conduct Charges Dropped Before Court or Service of Brief of Evidence

October 15, 2014 Today we received confirmation that both sequences against our client would be formally withdrawn at Court on the first mention, and that the Police prosecutor would mention our appearance, meaning neither we nor our client ever had to attend Court.  The first sequence (charge) was pursuant to section 93C of the Crimes […]