Get Out of Jail Free Cards: 10 Tips to Help You Pass Go

July 28, 2015 So you got done at Splendour? Caught red handed with drugs.. It was an innocent mistake, but you know your record won’t reflect that.. Maybe you’ll lose your job or have to cancel that trip to the USA? You have no defence, but should you plead guilty? Not quite, but it’s complicated…  […]

To Suffer in Silence? The Dangers of Legal Visits & Cooperation on Arrest

July 23, 2015 Given the recent media attention to the push towards law reform in this area, and the fact that it is something we regularly consider in criminal matters, we thought we’d throw out a few tips on the lesser known dangers associated with legal representation immediately following a charge, and general cooperation with […]

If Anybody Nose, It Should be Your Lawyer!

February 26, 2015 After the third serious backfiring of a client lying to us, we thought it was time to illustrate how some of the old legal cliches are true in practice. Hopefully this will save some of you some heartache, but the stories are interesting nonetheless… The first time around, one of our staff […]