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  • In addition to the below, we have acted for multiple lawyers, real estate agents and other professionals to obtain non-convictions and deal with disclosure and regulatory discipline thereafter;
  • We have had an habitual offender declaration overturned even after several mid and high-range convictions and got the client his license back after a fresh mid-range charge;
  • We have obtained dozens of s 14 diversions for alcoholics through to temporarily depressed or impaired persons from all walks of life who needed treatment and care, and got them that treatment and care

Our Client had an accident and was unable to provide a  breath test. We obtained a Mental Health Report that demonstrated that a failure to obtain was consistent with a panic attack. Accordingly, our client was sentenced to a Conditional Release Order without conviction and allowed to drive again.

Our Client who was a chef commuting from Sydney to the bush daily was charged with mid-range drink driving and driving +30 above speed limit. We successfully obtained  a  Conditional Release Order without conviction, and reduced mandatory suspension for speeding matter to 6 weeks.

We regularly achieve either minimum disqualification for drug and drunk driving offences. 

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When do you need a drink driving lawyer in Sydney?

Under the Road Transport Act 2013, New South Wales law defines a drink driving offence as driving while your blood alcohol level (BAC) is over the legal limit. The legal limit is determined by your licence class.

Examples of drink driving offences include:

Driving while under the influence of alcohol (DUI)

Driving with a prescribed concentration of alcohol in your system (PCA)

Driving dangerously or recklessly when alcohol is involved

Refusing to give breath or blood samples for analysis

Penalties for drink driving offences are divided into five categories based on your BAC.

Novice range — 0.00 to 0.019

Special range — 0.02 to 0.049

Low range — 0.05 to 0.079

Mid range — 0.08 to 0.149

High range — 0.15 and above

NSW police may choose to conduct a drug test when alcohol is found in your system. If drugs are found in your system at the time of the offence, you can be charged with a combined alcohol and drug offence. Combined drug and alcohol offences carry significantly larger penalties under NSW law.

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Defences for drink driving offences

There are several defences to drink driving charges in New South Wales.

Defences for drink driving offences

The Road Transport Act 2013 stipulates that breath tests, fluid samples and sobriety assessments must be undertaken under certain conditions to be valid.

Breath tests must be conducted within two hours of you driving a vehicle. If a breath test is conducted outside of this window, the result may be dismissed.

If the police choose to test you when you are already pulled over, they must provide evidence that you were driving within the prior two hours. This can be proven via CCTV or witness accounts. However, if evidence cannot be provided, your charge may be dropped.

Defences for drink driving offences

If there is a delay between the time your BAC level was tested and the time you were driving, your actual BAC level may have been lower than the reported result. Depending on how your body processes alcohol, your BAC level may have increased from the time you were driving to the time your test was administered. This can change the accuracy of your BAC level and alter the penalties applied to your reading.

This could result in a lighter penalty for your case if proven by a pharmacologist report. For example, a person charged with a high range offence could be charged with a mid range penalty if their BAC level was in the mid range at the time of driving.

Proving you were not the driver

NSW police can conduct a breath test if they have reason to believe you were the vehicle’s driver. However, it must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you were the driver at the time of the offence for you to be found guilty. Your case can be dismissed if prosecutors can’t prove that you were driving the vehicle at the time of the offence.

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Drink Driving FAQs

How many drinks can I have and still stay under the legal limit?
A 2021 survey from Budget Direct found that 43% of Australians are unsure how much they can drink while staying under the legal blood alcohol limit (BAC). The exact answer depends on your age, weight and licence class.

There are three blood alcohol limits in New South Wales.

  1. 0.00 — This applies to all learner drivers, provisional drivers and drivers with overseas/interstate learner or provisional licences.
  2. 0.02 — This applies to anyone driving vehicles greater than 13.9 tonnes in gross vehicle mass, drivers carrying dangerous goods, and taxi, bus and public transport drivers.
  3. 0.05 — This applies to all other licences not subject to 0.00 or 0.02 limits.

The number of drinks it takes to exceed the legal BAC will vary from person to person depending on their height, weight, body composition and the type of alcohol consumed. Always check the label to determine the alcohol content of your drink before consuming it.

We recommend avoiding alcohol in any scenario where you may need to drive.

What are the penalties for drink driving in NSW?
Drink driving offences are split into five categories in New South Wales depending on your blood alcohol level (BAC).

  1. Novice range — 0.00 to 0.019
  2. Special range — 0.02 to 0.049
  3. Low range — 0.05 to 0.079
  4. Mid range — 0.08 to 0.149
  5. High range — 0.15 and above

Each range has its own penalties depending on your offence and any prior major offence convictions within the past five years.

Novice, special and low range drink driving penalties

For a first offence, you may receive a 3-6 month suspension on your licence and a penalty notice fine of $581. The maximum court-imposed fine is $2,200 for a first offence.

For second or subsequent offences, the minimum disqualification is 6 months and the maximum disqualification is unlimited. The maximum court-imposed fine is $3,300. Second or subsequent offences in this category are subject to an alcohol interlock order.

Mid range drink driving penalties

The maximum court-imposed fine for a first mid range drink driving offence is $2,200, with the maximum prison sentence capped at 9 months. The disqualification period ranges from 6 months to unlimited.

The maximum court imposed fine for second or subsequent offences is $3,300. The maximum prison sentence is 12 months and the disqualification period ranges from 12 months to unlimited.

All mid range drink driving penalties are subject to an alcohol interlock order.

High range drink driving penalties

High range drink driving offences carry the steepest penalties in New South Wales for first, second or subsequent offences.

For first offences, the maximum court-imposed fine for high range drink driving is $3,300. The maximum prison term is 18 months, while the disqualification period ranges from 12 months to unlimited.

Second and subsequent offences can receive a maximum fine of $5,500 and a maximum prison term of 2 years. The disqualification period ranges from 2 years to unlimited.

All high range drink driving penalties are subject to alcohol interlock orders. Get in touch with our criminal lawyers for more information on the penalties for drink driving offences.

What is an alcohol interlock order?
An alcohol interlock order requires drivers convicted of serious or subsequent drinking offences to only drive vehicles that feature interlock devices.

An interlock device is an electronic breath-testing tool attached to the vehicle’s ignition. If you have an interlock device assigned to you, you will have to do a breath test using the device before starting the vehicle. If the interlock test finds that you are above the legal limit, your vehicle will not start.

The goal of the alcohol interlock system is to reduce the risk of serious or repeat offenders drinking and driving again.

Can I be fined for interfering with an alcohol interlock device?
Yes. Examples of interfering with an alcohol interlock device include having another person complete a breath test for you or attempting to disable the interlock system.
What happens if I fail my alcohol interlock breath test?
The legal limit for alcohol interlock devices is zero. If you receive a result above zero, the interlock device will record your result. The interlock device will also stop you from starting your vehicle for a period determined by your BAC.
Can I be exempt from an alcohol interlock order?

Yes. Interlock exemptions are made on the following grounds:

  1. You do not have access to a vehicle that can have an interlock installed in it.
  2. You have a medical condition that will prevent you from using an interlock.

If your exemption is successful, you will not receive an alcohol interlock order but will receive a longer disqualification period.

What is a Traffic Offenders Intervention Program?

Traffic Offenders Intervention Programs (TOIP) are courses that aim to educate drivers on the dangers of unsafe driving. The goal is to teach offenders the seriousness of their actions and how to avoid driving recklessly in the future.

Completing a TOIP before your case is listed in court can help you receive a lower penalty. To receive a reduction on your penalty, you must complete a TOIP listed under part 9 of the Criminal Procedure Regulation 2017.

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