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For Dispute Resolution, Asset Protection, Wills, Family Provision Claims and More, We’re the Solicitors You can Rely on for Expert Estate Planning.

Estate planning is a complex, emotionally-fraught area of law. Without professional help, estate planning can cause unnecessary financial and interpersonal strain for families, beneficiaries and loved ones. Whether you’re drawing up a will, protecting your assets or contesting an unfair settlement, you need a compassionate, detail-oriented estate planning lawyer on your side.

Our team have worked across estate planning matters including family provision claims, guardianship claims, wills and trusts, life insurance and more. No matter how complex your situation is, our expert personal lawyers will deliver efficient services and unmatched support for your case. Plus, we’ll provide clear advice and easy-to-understand information to ensure you feel confident throughout the process.

With a 97% success rate across more than 1,500 cases, we know how to deliver a fair outcome to our clients. Contact our team today and choose the leading estate planning lawyers Sydney-siders trust for expert dispute resolution, family provision claims, guardianship and financial management orders and more.

Green & Associates Solicitors Experience and Success 

  • We deal with all aspects of estate planning, from obtaining probate through to final administration of estate;
  • We have acted for executors and trustees on behalf of estates for the sale of property, from residential homes through to large opal mines;
  • We have acted for executors and trustees on behalf of estates for the acquisition of property, including agricultural investment businesses with land; prepared and secured enduring powers of attorney for property dealings on behalf of clients whilst overseas and before they lose capacity;
  • We have obtained and defended applications for financial management orders in NCAT;
  • We handle all estate and succession planning, from Wills and powers of attorney through to succession planning for carrying on of business;
  • We deal with family provisions claims, other contests to Wills and Estate disputes, including applications for removal and replacement of trustees.

We provide expert advice for estate planning disputes in Sydney

When handling family conflicts, financial disputes and intricate wills and trusts, you need a discreet, compassionate estate planning lawyer on your side.

Estate planning litigation is a challenging, stressful process that can put immense strain on you and your loved ones. From dealing with irate family members to placating key financial stakeholders, estate planning requires a skilled hand to avoid unnecessary conflict.

At Green & Associates, we genuinely care about our clients. We deliver efficient services that take into account all your needs, concerns and questions to give you the support you need throughout the estate planning process.

With over 40 years of combined experience across our team, our personal lawyers will deliver unmatched services when planning your estate.

We’re consistent. With a 97% success rate across over 1,500 cases, you can rely on us for excellent service no matter your needs.

We’re detail-oriented. Our expert personal lawyers will leave no stone unturned to ensure your estate is in order.

We’re supportive. We know how intense estate planning can be. That’s why we provide dedicated care and support to all our clients throughout the process.

We’ll streamline the process. We break things down with clear communication and easy-to-understand language to keep things as straightforward as possible.

We know what you need. Our team has worked on complex cases across the field of estate planning. We’ll make sure your last will and testament are airtight to prevent any avoidable conflicts.

We’re easy to find. Our centrally-located office is placed between Kings Cross and Potts Point.

We service the following Sydney suburbs as well as their surrounding areas:

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Visit our full list of service areas or get in touch for more information.

We’re the estate planning lawyers Sydney families trust for compassionate, hassle-free services. Contact us today.

What is estate planning?

Estate planning is the process of organising the management and distribution of a person’s assets after their death. Here are the main elements involved with estate planning in New South Wales.

Establishing a trust
A trust allows you to have your assets securely owned and controlled by a legal entity after your death. This legal entity will control your assets according to previously established instructions outlined at the creation of your trust. This is one of the most essential components of estate planning as it safeguards your assets from being misused by other parties.
Creating a living will
A living will allows you to specify the conditions of your medical care in the event that you are unable to communicate or make decisions for yourself. This document should specify your wishes in the event that life support or critical medical intervention is required as part of your care.
Choosing a Healthcare Power of Attorney
Your Healthcare Power of Attorney is a trusted individual that you may nominate to make decisions on your behalf for issues involving your health. This person is often appointed alongside the creation of your living will. i. It will be their responsibility to approve or disapprove potential treatment options if you are unable to communicate or make decisions for yourself.
Creating a last will and testament
A last will and testament allows you to organise how your assets should be distributed after you have passed away.

If you have not established a will, your assets will be distributed based on the laws of your current state of occupation at the time of your death.

We recommend discussing the conditions of your will with your family members, your Financial Power of Attorney and your Healthcare Power of Attorney.

Avoid unnecessary conflict between friends, family and loved ones with an expert estate planning lawyer from our team. Contact Green & Associates today.

When do you need an estate planning lawyer?

Estate planning is a complex area of the law that often involves numerous claims, documents and services within the same case.

Our experienced team has handled matters in the following areas:

Appointing, replacing or removing trustees

Estate planning

Family provision claims

Guardianship or enduring guardianship

Letters of administration

Life insurance claims

Life insurance protection

Superannuation claims

Superannuation protection

Wills and trusts

Don’t leave anything to chance when planning your estate. We’ll help you avoid common mistakes with your will and reduce the chance of unpleasant conflicts, disputes and legal issues down the line. Our expert team will ensure your assets are protected, organised and distributed according to your exact specifications.

For estate planning, wills and trusts, family provision claims or any other estate litigation, we’re the solicitors you need on your side. Get in touch today.

We provide professional, compassionate solutions for estate planning, wills and trusts, power of attorney disputes and more

Whether you’re dealing with deceased estate disputes, letters of administration, family provision claims and more, we’re the estate planning lawyers Sydney locals rely on for a fair outcome. Get one of the region’s leading solicitors on your team — Contact us today.

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