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Intellectual Property (or IP) is complicated at best but it is essential for Australian business owners to understand as getting it wrong could be detrimental. Put simply, Intellectual Property is an intangible asset that is protected under federal legislation and common law. It is a cornerstone to many businesses, especially start-ups and small family businesses.

Australian IP laws are in place to help encourage innovation and protect businesses and their competitive advantage. Australia is also a signatory to a multiple international agreement that protect IP in other countries and even has a dedicated agency for administering IP rights and legislation called ‘IP Australia’.

The most common types of IP rights include:

  • Patents: protect inventions and new processes
  • Trademarks: protect logos, words and other branding
  • Copyright: protect art, writing, music, film, and computer programs
  • Registered Designs: protects the visual design of a product
  • Circuit Layout Rights: protect layout designs or plans of integrated circuits used in computer-generated designs
  • Plant Breeders Rights: protect the commercial rights of new plant varieties
  • Trade Secrets: this is the protection of confidential information including secret formulas, processes, and methods used in production

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Green & Associates Solicitors Experience and Success 

  • Our lawyers negotiated a settlement in a copyright dispute where the lead character in a film was made in the likeness of our client without prior notice or consent;
  • We have negotiated a settlement in a copyright dispute where the client’s literary and art works were stolen and reproduced commercially;
  • Our commercial lawyers have published articles and spoken at leading university start-up programs on copyright infringement and protection;
  • Our lawyers have used skills and experience regularly to protect copyright created in the form of unregisterable IP through contracts.
  • We acted for a well known music recording artist, mostly known from X Factor, in an international trademark dispute over stage name;
  • We applied for and secured trademarks domestically and abroad, even with competition in other classes;
  • We purchased names and logos from trademark holders overseas;
  • We have established and protected names, logos and certification trademarks;
  • We acted for a medical practice over the use of a similar name in the same suburb;
  • We acted for a tile manufacturer to permanently injunct a competitor who set up across the road with a similar name and almost identical logo;
  • We have achieved dozens of out-of-court settlements by obtaining undertakings and cease actions from infringers

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