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Australia has a well-developed legal system that protects the intellectual property of businesses and individuals.

In Australia, you and your business can register a trademark as a marketing tool. It gives you the legal protection to stop anyone (in Australia) from using a word, phrase, logo, letter, number, symbol, sound, shape, image or scent that is associated with your brand.

Trademarks are also administered by IP Australia.

At Green & Associates Solicitors, what sets us apart is our addiction to not only achieving your target or goal, but doing it in the quickest, cheapest and most impressive way possible. Each and every one of our clients can expect that from us in every matter we undertake.

We are a law firm located on the border of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and the CBD, and have a notable 97% success rate. With over 45 years combined experience and over 1,700 cases, we have the knowledge, skill and experience to achieve the result you want. It is our practicality, honesty, transparency, genuineness, determination, devotion and tenacity that sets us apart in choosing who to protect your interests when dealing with trademarks. If you or someone you know helps legal advice regarding their trademark or needs helps registering a trademark, contact our team today for a free initial consultation, and take the first step to securing the legal advice and assistance you deserve.

Our communication is also regular and we operate on full disclosure, so our clients are kept updated at every step of the way and across all the details of their matter or case.


Green & Associates Solicitors Experience and Success 

  • Our lawyers negotiated a settlement in a copyright dispute where the lead character in a film was made in the likeness of our client without prior notice or consent;
  • We have negotiated a settlement in a copyright dispute where the client’s literary and art works were stolen and reproduced commercially;
  • Our commercial lawyers have published articles and spoken at leading university start-up programs on copyright infringement and protection;
  • Our lawyers have used skills and experience regularly to protect copyright created in the form of unregisterable IP through contracts.
  • We acted for a well known music recording artist, mostly known from X Factor, in an international trademark dispute over stage name;
  • We applied for and secured trademarks domestically and abroad, even with competition in other classes;
  • We purchased names and logos from trademark holders overseas;
  • We have established and protected names, logos and certification trademarks;
  • We acted for a medical practice over the use of a similar name in the same suburb;
  • We acted for a tile manufacturer to permanently injunct a competitor who set up across the road with a similar name and almost identical logo;
  • We have achieved dozens of out-of-court settlements by obtaining undertakings and cease actions from infringers

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