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Many firearms offences are caused by improper registration and safekeeping. Due to Australia’s strict gun laws, it’s easy to commit a severe firearm offence without even handling a weapon. While firearm offences are often avoidable, they still carry severe fines and penalties for the accused.

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  • Our defence lawyers have had firearms charges downgraded to imitation firearms and even deemed toys and dismissed with expert evidence;
  • We have acted for clients charged with serious drug offences and had firearms found with them placed on form 1 for consideration only but not sentencing; and
  • We have had clients released for time serve for using firearms in public to threaten and assault.

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What is classed as a firearms offence in NSW?

Firearms offences fall under the Crimes Act 1900, the Firearms Act 1996 and the Weapons Prohibition Act 1988. In New South Wales, it is illegal to possess a firearm without a licence and a valid, genuine reason under section 12 of the Firearms Act 1996. Examples of genuine reasons for possessing a firearm include

Occupying rural land

Working in animal welfare

Working in animal population control

Recreational hunting

Protecting yourself, others or your property is not a genuine reason for possessing a firearm under NSW law.

Most firearm offences in NSW involve improper firearm registration, improper safekeeping, and unauthorised firearm possession.

These offences typically involve small quantities of drugs. If an individual is found with traffickable or indictable quantities, the police may charge them with an indictable offence.

Firearm registration

It’s important to ensure your firearm is properly registered. Possessing an unregistered firearm is an offence in NSW and carries a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment. For unregistered prohibited firearms (such as a machine gun, pump-action shotgun or submachine gun), the maximum penalty is 14 years imprisonment.

To check your firearms registration, visit the NSW Firearms Registry.

Firearm safekeeping

Incorrectly safekeeping a firearm is one of NSW’s most common and easily avoidable firearm offences.

The Firearms Act 1996 stipulates that anyone possessing a firearm must ensure that it is stored in a locked, fixed receptacle made of solid, impenetrable materials. Ammunition must be stored in a separate locked receptacle away from the firearm.

The registered owner is responsible for ensuring the firearm is not stolen, lost or used by anyone who is not authorised to do so.

Unauthorised possession

Anyone in possession of a firearm must be authorised with a valid licence or permit. It’s essential to renew your licence before it expires — if your licence expires, you may be fined for unauthorised firearm possession.

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