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Whether you’re seeking a loan attorney or need unbiased advice on a home loan, our experienced commercial, personal and property lawyers are in your corner.

Applying for a home loan is a stressful, time-consuming process that has long-term financial implications for you and your family. You need dedicated independent property advice to make sure you understand your rights before signing a loan or property agreement. With over 40 years of combined experience, our team keeps things simple with clear insights and transparent advice tailored to your situation.

Looking for a home loan lawyer that understands your needs? We provide streamlined services with straightforward communication and easy-to-understand solutions. We leverage our connections to some of the region’s leading bank and finance experts to deliver strategic solutions for your loan and property needs.

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Green & Associates Solicitors Experience and Success 


  • We are regularly advising, negotiating and preparing loan documentation for residential property purchases of up to $30M through to complex commercial property, businesses and motor vehicles;
  • We regularly and successfully acted on both sides in litigious matters involving loan disputes, from the Local Court through to the District, Supreme and Federal Courts;
  • We have drafted complex and effective security measures for repayment of loans, and perfected the same and utilised them for clients through to realisation;
  • We have successfully collected debts using contractual security measures and defended the same.


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Get clear advice and hassle-free communication with a loan attorney from our team

At Green & Associates, we keep it clear with practical advice, exceptional communication and dedicated support for all our clients. Whether you need independent property advice or you’re looking for an expert loan attorney in Sydney, our team will look after your needs throughout the process.

With a 97% success rate across over 1,500 cases, we’ve established ourselves as one of Sydney’s leading solicitors. We’ll review your loan and property contracts to ensure your rights are upheld and your obligations are clear before signing.

With dedicated support and cost-efficient services, our clients trust us for exceptional results.

Our fees are always transparent. We keep it simple with clear, upfront fees and no hidden costs.

We offer discounts for early payment. Pay your fees within 7 days of signing with us and receive a 10% discount.

Our strategies are cost-efficient. We use practical solutions to save you time and money with fast, effective results.

We always speak your language. We know how complicated the loan process can be. We keep you in the loop with straightforward communication and clear advice.

We want what’s best for our clients. We’ll look after your interests with dedicated advice from our trustworthy, independent solicitors.

We’re connected to industry experts. We’ll leverage our relationships with leading financial and banking experts to provide services you can trust.

Our team is approachable. We make it easy to get in touch with open communication and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

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What is a certificate of independent financial advice to borrower, and when do you need one?

Financial institutions often require borrowers to submit a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice before a loan agreement can be signed. Common names for this type of certificate include:

A Certificate of Independent Financial Advice to Borrower

A Solicitors Certificate

A Certificate of Independent Legal Advice

An Independent Advice Certificate.

This form certifies that the agreement has been reviewed by an independent legal expert and that the borrower or guarantor understands the possible risks and liabilities of the loan before signing.

We’ll review your contract to ensure you’re aware of your obligations and rights under a loan. With expert guidance and clear communication, our team will leave you feeling confident and informed before signing your next loan or property agreement.

Contact us today and get a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice from the loan attorney you can trust.

Loan Document Advice FAQs


How long does it take to obtain a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice?

We aim to provide a thorough review of your documents within 48 hours of receiving them. After reviewing your documents, we’ll set up a meeting to provide you with any necessary advice, guidance or suggestions before signing. We’ll also ensure you understand your rights and obligations under the loan.

For more information about our process, contact our team of experts today.

Do I have to get a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice?

No. A Certificate of Independent Legal Advice is only required if it has been requested by the financial institution in charge of your loan. However, we always recommend having loans and other contracts reviewed by an independent firm before you sign.

If you’re applying for a home loan in Sydney, protect your rights with an independent review from Green & Associates.

Know your rights with a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice from Green & Associates. 

At Green & Associates, we want what’s best for you. Our team will ensure your interests are looked after and your rights are upheld when signing a new loan or financial agreement. Contact our team today and take the stress out of getting your next loan.

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