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Navigating Australia’s commercial lease laws is complicated even for experienced commercial landlords and tenants. With dense legal jargon and updated regulations making commercial lease law more complex than ever, you need an experienced commercial lease lawyer on your side. 

Need help drafting a commercial lease contract? Have your tenants breached their lease? Do you need a mediator for a complex lease dispute? 

At Green & Associates, we speak your language. Our commercial lawyers are experts in commercial lease matters and have handled many complex cases, including early termination, rental relief, resolving disputes and more. We’re up to date with the latest commercial lease regulations including measures introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic, so you can rest assured our team will thoroughly explain your rights and find the best possible resolution for your case. 

With a 97% success rate across over 1,500 cases, our team have combined over 40 years of experience to deliver consistently exceptional results for our clients. We go the extra mile to provide transparent fees, clear communication and regular updates to keep you in the loop throughout the process.

Our client base includes busy retail centres, large commercial businesses, office buildings, small family businesses, and more. With professional connections across finance, banking and commercial law, we’re the commercial lease solicitor you need on your team. 

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At Green & Associates, we deliver results. We make it easy to negotiate a lease, manage disputes, and obtain approvals while protecting your rights. 

We employ proven techniques and creative strategies to get the best outcome for all our clients. Thanks to our exceptional track record, we’ve developed strong relationships with some of Sydney’s finest judicial officers, prosecutors and civil litigation barristers. We know how to leverage our connections to get the best result for our clients, making us the commercial lease lawyer Sydney residents trust with their cases.

Our commercial lawyers take the stress out of commercial leasing with clear advice, sound judgement and regular updates on your case. Plus, we keep our fees upfront and transparent for all our clients — we even offer a 10% discount for fees paid within 7 days of signing with us.

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What can a commercial lease lawyer do for you?

Entering a commercial lease is a big commitment. Whether you’re an experienced commercial landlord or a small family business, it’s important to understand your rights and how different commercial laws can affect you. 

Our commercial lease lawyers offer a range of services for shopping centres, small businesses, retail stores and commercial office buildings.

Services for landlords

Whether you’re drafting a new lease or managing a dispute, we’ll ensure your assets are looked after.

Services for tenants

Make sure your rights are upheld and avoid unexpected costs with a Green & Associates commercial lease solicitor in Sydney.

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FAQs about commercial lease laws

We strongly recommend getting legal advice before signing a commercial lease to ensure all parties understand their rights. 

Commercial leases are complicated long-term agreements. It’s important to ensure your rights are upheld throughout your lease. 

A lease check gives everyone a clear sense of their responsibilities, which can reduce the chance of disagreements down the track. 

Some commercial leases carry hidden costs and regulations that can require mediation. Getting your lease checked before signing reduces the chance of unnecessary conflict. 

Consulting a commercial lease lawyer allows you to customise your lease agreement with any unique and important specifications. This ensures your rights are properly looked after and takes the weight of negotiation off your shoulders. 

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Yes, each state in Australia has different commercial lease laws. All commercial leases in New South Wales are governed under the Conveyancing Act 1919 and the Real Property Act 1900. Retail leases are also governed under the Retail Leases Act 1994.

A bank guarantee is an agreement that the tenant’s bank will pay an agreed-upon amount to the tenant’s landlord if the tenant breaks the lease conditions — for example if the tenant cannot make a payment. Bank guarantees provide security for landlords by ensuring that payment will not be hindered if the tenant experiences financial hardship.

Bank guarantees can be used in addition to or in place of personal guarantees or security bonds, depending on the conditions of the lease. Tenants generally provide security to the bank through commercial assets or real estate.

If your landlord doesn’t respond to your requests, we recommend sending a registered letter. Sending a registered letter provides proof of mailing which shows that you have attempted to contact your landlord. It also acts as evidence if you need to take legal action down the line.

We also suggest contacting your landlord’s property management company. If this fails, we recommend consulting with one of our expert commercial lease lawyers to discuss your options.

If you’re a tenant who needs to get out of their lease, you must obtain a mutual agreement between you and your landlord. 

There are two main ways to obtain a mutual lease termination agreement. 

  1. Early exit settlement. See if your landlord is open to receiving a financial settlement for terminating your lease. The amount will have to be agreed upon in the form of a surrender of lease document signed by both parties.

  2. Find a tenant to take over your lease. Another option is finding another tenant to take over the remainder of your current lease. Your landlord may choose to use your current lease or create a new lease for the next tenant.

We’ll negotiate a fair lease termination between you and your landlord. Get in touch with our expert commercial lease lawyers for more information.

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