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Whether you’re selling your business or home, entering a lease, or doing estate planning, buying a new property, or subdividing land, you need an experienced property lawyer on your side.

At Green & Associates, we’re the Property Lawyers Sydney locals turn to for all their property needs. Our property lawyers handle matters including business sale & purchase, commercial and residential conveyancing, commercial leases, estate planning, family & discretionary issues, loan document advice or caveats.

No matter the case, our Sydney Property Lawyers will ensure your interests are represented every step of the way. With a 97% success rate across over 1,700 cases, we know how to get results. With contacts across major banking and finance industries, we’ll leverage our connections to deliver expert advice for your case.

We handle a wide range of conveyancing matters including:

  • Residential Purchases and Sales;
  • Commercial Purchases and Sales;
  • Simultaneous settlement;
  • Put and Call Options;
  • Spousal Transfers; and
  • Registering dealings on title such as easements, leases and caveats.

We have successfully settled hundreds of property matters and have honed our processes to make the experience as efficient and cost-effective for you as possible. Our lawyers are experienced in the use of the PEXA platform and can assist in tricky matters such as simultaneous settlements where PEXA workspaces have to be linked. No matter the case, our Sydney conveyancing solicitors will ensure your interests are represented every step of the way.

With a 97% success rate across over 1,700 cases, we know how to get results. With contacts across major banking and finance industries, we’ll leverage our connections to deliver expert advice for your case.

Our team are more than just industry experts. We understand how confusing, stressful and time-consuming the conveyancing process can be — even for experienced buyers and sellers. We’ll provide you with open communication, honest advice and exceptional care for the duration of your case while keeping your best interests front and centre throughout the process.

When it comes to conveyancing, don’t settle for second best — choose the conveyancing lawyer Sydney residents trust for all their property services. Contact us today.

Green & Associates Solicitors Experience and Success 

  • In addition to the below, we have acted in the international merger of a food technology company to rival Uber, including transfer of international business and intellectual property;
  • We have acted in the sale of a high-class chauffeur company including transfers of vehicles and land;
  • We have acted in the merger of an international manufacturing company including site and plant acquisition and transfer;
  • We have acted in the acquisition of major franchise including leases for 5 Sydney flagship stores and transfer or leases;
  • We have acted in numerous sales and purchases of hospitality businesses including transfer of land and exercise of options and dealing with resultant leasehold interests; 

We act successfully in all types of property disputes, from disputes over business transfers through to both residential and commercial property.

  • We act in enforcing completion of high-end residential sales and enforcing compliance with often complicated special conditions and conditions precedent and subsequent;
  • We are experts in acting in Land and Environment and Supreme Court disputes, ranging from claimed nuisance from the operation of business premises to trespass, tree issues, access for repairs and maintenance right through to development application issues;
  • We have acted in proprietary estoppel and acquisitions power cases, including against the Commonwealth of Australia;
  • We act in estate disputes from family provision claim through to removal and replacement of executors and trustees;
  • We act in and against applications for financial management orders and in applications to overturn powers of attorney;
  • We regularly and successfully act on both sides in litigious matters involving loan disputes, from the Local Court through to the District, Supreme and Federal Courts;
  • We successfully defend and prosecute contested lapsing notices;
  • We have successfully appealed caveat disputes and set new precedents in the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal.

Negotiated Neighbouring Lot Acquisitions with Complex Financial Arrangements

In a complex and intricate transaction, we successfully negotiated and settled a series of call option agreements for the simultaneous acquisition of neighbouring lots in the Central Coast, with a view to their redevelopment. This process involved not only intricate financial arrangements but also on-sale provisions. Our legal expertise enabled us to navigate these complexities, ensuring a seamless acquisition process.

Commercial Property Purchases with Complex Financial Arrangements

We have acted on numerous commercial property purchases, where we were responsible for drafting Agreement for Lease documents and managing complex financial arrangements. Our meticulous attention to detail and legal acumen ensured that these transactions proceeded smoothly and that our clients’ interests were protected.

Alternate Loan Agreements and Unregistered Mortgages

We provided invaluable advice to borrowers involved in alternate loan agreements, including “caveat loans,” a complex financial arrangement that requires a deep understanding of property law. This expertise allowed us to guide our clients through these arrangements, ensuring their interests were safeguarded.

Interstate Commercial Property Purchases

Our services extended beyond state borders as we acted in interstate commercial property purchases in Victoria and Queensland. Navigating the intricacies of different legal systems, we facilitated these acquisitions, providing our clients with a seamless and efficient experience.

At Green & Associates Solicitors, we act and advise on a wide range of matters. We provide in-house advice to sole traders and companies on a range of matters, including:

Contact us (02) 8080 7585 if you require support with any commercial matters or legal advice.


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