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In simple terms, robbery is a sort of hybrid offence containing elements of larceny and assault. Theft is taking someone’s property, but it does not necessarily involve force or threat.

Covered under Section 94-98 of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW), Robbery is when:

There must be an unlawful taking and carrying away of property with the intention of permanently depriving the owner or person in lawful possession thereof. The property must be taken without the consent of the latter, and “consent” obtained by force or by threat (putting that person in fear of violence) is no consent. It may be necessary to direct the jury as to other elements of the offence of larceny depending on the circumstances of the particular case. For instance, a claim of right may be raised.

2. The property must be taken —

(i) From the person of another;

(ii) In the presence of another;

(iii) From the immediate personal care and protection of another.

3. The property must be taken by actual violence or by putting the owner or person in lawful possession in fear of actual violence. Section 94 also creates offences of “assault with intent to rob” and “steal from the person”.

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  •  We recently acted in a lengthy committal hearing concerning the robbery of a well-known car dealership;
  •  Our defence lawyers have had several charges for break and enter thrown out for unreliable grainy CCTV footage;
  •  We have successfully obtained acquittal in festival ticket robbery case.

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