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Whether you’re appealing a traffic offence, avoiding a drink driving conviction or negotiating a plea deal, we are the leading law firm that Sydney locals rely on for a fair outcome. With a 97% success rate and over 40 years of combined experience, we know how to get results. Our expert criminal lawyers have a track record of successfully obtaining favourable results for our clients. Some of the traffic offence matters we advise on include:

It’s not just our skills and experiences that set us apart; with excellent communication and dedicated support, we give all our clients the time and care they need throughout the process. We value clear communication, honesty and discretion above all else and will deliver exceptional support for your case.

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Drug Driving Offences

In recent times, the Courts have seen a growing number of matters in which people are being caught driving with drugs in their system. This is in part due to a concerted effort by the New South Wales Police Force to target drug drivers. Most people are ignorant of how these matters are targeted, and how serious the penalties associated with it can be. This will provide you with a brief introduction.

Different drugs effect people differently, and as such, show up on tests differently. Counter intuitively, often less “serious” drugs tend to stay in your system longer than those which we generally consider to be more “serious”. People are generally tested by Police by way of a Saliva test. In the test, the Police officer will ask you to drag an instrument across your tongue. Drugs will usually last longer in your blood and urine, than your Saliva. As such, if Police believe that you have drugs in your system, they will take you to a local hospital where you will be subjected to a blood and urine test.

The seriousness of the charge is not distinguished based on the type of drug, but rather, whether the person was “under the influence” at the time of driving. Depending on the way you act, the amount of drug located in your system, and other evidence before the Police, you may be charged with being under the influence. If a person who has drugs in their system is not “under the influence”, they face a licence disqualification of between 3 months (minimum) to 6 months, and up to a $2,200 fine. If a person has drugs in their system and is “under the influence”, they face a licence disqualification of between 12 months (minimum) to 3 years. They can also face up to 18 months imprisonment or $3,300 fine. Drug driving charges are serious as they carry with them the implication of a drug conviction but also restrict a person’s ability to drive. There are a number of strategies that can be employed to get you the best result, including avoiding a conviction and a disqualification period.

Green & Associates Solicitors Experience and Success 

  • Our defence lawyers have acted for dozens of clients and obtained good behaviour licenses without needing to go to Court or risk a conviction;
  • We have assisted clients obtain pardons through RMS internal reviews without the need for Court; obtained countless non-convictions and s 14 diversions for offences ranging from mobile phone use through to more serious offences, including drink driving, drug driving, negligent driving and dangerous driving;
  • We have had habitual offender declarations and bans overturned even with fresh charges;
  • We have obtained a non-conviction for a third offence of drive while suspended / disqualified even with previous convictions.

We also provide expert legal representation across a broad range of matters, including other criminal matters (and appeals) and:

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Traffic offences can be financially and personally devastating for you and your loved ones. Whether you’re facing heavy fines, licence suspensions or imprisonment, you need an experienced traffic offence lawyer to give your case the best shot at success.

At Green & Associates, we go the extra mile to deliver exceptional results to all our clients. Our approachable team takes the weight off your shoulders by delivering proven strategies and creative solutions to get the best possible outcome.

We understand how stressful the legal system is for anyone facing a traffic offence. That’s why we provide open, honest and clear communication to give you control over your case. If you’re facing a drink driving offence, speeding fine or dangerous driving charge, our team is here to help.

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Traffic Offence FAQs

How do you do defend a dangerous driving charge?
To defend a dangerous driving charge, the driver must prove that the incident was not the result of the following factors:

  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Driving at a dangerous speed
  • Driving in a reckless or otherwise dangerous manner

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What are the penalties for driving while disqualified?

If you’ve been disqualified from holding or obtaining a licence, you cannot drive on a road or road-related area. Driving while disqualified can result in a number of severe penalties including prison, heavy fines and an extended driving ban.

The maximum penalties for a first offence of driving while disqualified include:

  • A court-imposed fine of $3,300
  • Imprisonment up to 6 months
  • An unlimited disqualification period

The maximum penalties for a subsequent driving while disqualified offence are:

  • A court-imposed fine of $5,500
  • Imprisonment up to 12 months
  • An unlimited disqualification period

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How is a road or “road-related area” defined under NSW law?
Some traffic offences are only valid if the incident occurred on a “road or road-related area.” This includes:

  • Public streets
  • Footpaths
  • Nature strips
  • Cycling areas
  • Public parking areas

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