Leading Property Dispute Lawyers

Leading Property Dispute Lawyers in Sydney 

Our property lawyers are experienced in more than just simple conveyancing and can provide you with advice and representation should your property transaction fall apart or you enter into a dispute with the other side. Our lawyers are adept at deploying contractual arguments to gain you quick settlement should you have suffered loss and damage as a result of a property settlement and are well-versed in principles of property law should you find yourself in a priority contest with multiple parties claiming an interest in a property. 

Likewise, if you have found yourself in a situation where a broker or lender has placed a caveat over your property, we can assist in having the caveat removed and allowing you to regain control over your property.   

We handle a wide range of property dispute matters including:

      • Contractual disputes (including misleading or deceptive conduct claims);
      • Priority contests;
      • Lodgement and Removal of Caveats;
      • Neighbour Disputes (Fencing and Tree Damage);
      • Easement Disputes; and
      • Building Defect Claims

At Green & Associates, we’re the property dispute lawyer Sydney locals turn to when a property transaction turns south. We will provide you with accurate advice from the outset of your matter that identifies your rights and possibles causes of action against the other side in your dispute and have honed our processes to settle disputes quickly and gain our clients cash settlements where applicable. We are adept at negotiating with opposing counsel and will be able to handle your matter from start to finish, including drafting statements of claim and appearing in court on your behalf. 

We have successfully settled dozens of property dispute matters and have developed our strategies to make the process as efficient and cost-effective for you as possible. No matter the case, our property dispute solicitors will ensure your interests are represented every step of the way.

With a 97% success rate across over 2,000 cases, we know how to get results. With contacts across major banking and finance industries, we’ll leverage our connections to deliver expert advice for your case. When it comes to property disputes, don’t settle for second best — choose the property dispute lawyers Sydney residents trust for all their property services. Contact us today.

Green & Associates Solicitors Experience and Success 

  • In addition to the below, we act successfully in all types of property disputes, from disputes over business transfers through to both residential and commercial property;
  • We act in enforcing completion of high-end residential sales and enforcing compliance with often complicated special conditions and conditions precedent and subsequent;
  • We are experts in acting in Land and Environment and Supreme Court disputes, ranging from claimed nuisance from the operation of business premises to trespass, tree issues, access for repairs and maintenance right through to development application issues;
  • We have acted in proprietary estoppel and acquisitions power cases, including against the Commonwealth of Australia;
  • We act in estate disputes from family provision claim through to removal and replacement of executors and trustees;
  • We act in and against applications for financial management orders and in applications to overturn powers of attorney;
  • We regularly and successfully act on both sides in litigious matters involving loan disputes, from the Local Court through to the District, Supreme and Federal Courts;
  • We successfully defend and prosecute contested lapsing notices;
  • We have successfully appealed caveat disputes and set new precedents in the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal;
  • We have utilised caveats and urgent injunctive relief to stop unauthorised transfers of land and business assets;
  • We handle strata disputes in NCAT and Court and privately;
  • We deal with disputes on behalf of real estate agents, from regulatory issues for real estate agents and defend Fair Trading investigations and disciplinary actions, for issues ranging from alleged underquoting right through to fit and proper person enquiries for personal criminal matters, right through to commission disputes and enforcement against vendors and external agents.

Obtained Financial Settlement against Negligent Conveyancer

In a case where a client had purchased residential property and received negligent advice from a conveyancer, we successfully obtained a substantial financial settlement. This outcome not only compensated our client for their losses but also highlighted the importance of holding professionals accountable for their actions.

Successful Resolution of Environmental Dispute Against Council

We represented a contractor in an environmental dispute against a local council. Through our legal advocacy, we achieved a favorable resolution for our client, demonstrating our commitment to protecting the rights of individuals and businesses.

Mediation for Tenant in Rental Arrears Dispute

We appeared in an OSBC Mediation on behalf of a tenant facing a rental arrears dispute. Our skilled representation and negotiation skills led to a successful resolution that addressed the concerns of both parties, avoiding protracted legal proceedings.

Drafted Deed of Access for Neighbouring Strata Schemes

We drafted and negotiated a Deed of Access between two neighbouring strata schemes to facilitate renovation works. This legal document provided a framework for cooperation and collaboration, ensuring that the renovation project could proceed smoothly and harmoniously.

At Green & Associates Solicitors, we act and advise on a wide range of matters. We provide in-house advice to sole traders and companies on a range of matters, including:

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