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Employment Disputes


Green & Associates Solicitors are among the leading employment law practices in Sydney, NSW. If you have been subject to any wrongdoing in the workplace, our expert employment lawyers are by your side.

If your employment is terminated and the circumstances appear unfair, unreasonable or harsh, you may have a standing claim against your employer.

Employment disputes can vary across the board and the best course of action are determined by our commercial lawyers on a case-to-case basis. Our Firm advises and acts for many employment matters and disputes, ranging from the following:


Green & Associates Solicitors Experience and Success   

  • We recently obtained a significant settlement for client at mediation having commenced a General Protections Claim against the employer while the client was still in the probation period.
  • Our solicitors have obtained the first successful injunction in Australia in a class action against mandatory employee vaccinations;
  • We have successfully sued the same international employer a dozen times sequentially for employees over the same cause of action;
  • We have acted in successful class action involving industrial action for Stevedores. 
  • We have succeeded in an unfair dismissal claim where client dismissed as employer discovered them “wagging” work consistently;
  • We have run a successful defence in an unfair dismissal claim where our client was charged with stalking and harassing their co-worker and had an AVO in place;
  • We have succeeded an in unfair dismissal claim where our client was accused of sexual harassment, by proving consent and encouragement;
  • We have obtained a significant settlement for client at mediation having commenced a General Protections Claim against the employer while the client was still in the probation period;
  • We have resolved an employment commission dispute directly with the employer, resulting in a the employer making payment to client for October commission where they were previously refusing to bring defamation complaint against a NSW department for a client slandered by its staff;
  • We have acted in a wide range of disputes defending and enforcing injunctions and restraints;
  • we have used injunctions to stop unauthorised transfers of land and business assets, stop infringements of intellectual property rights and prevent defamatory media publications; we have got employees out of restraints of trade even when sued in the Supreme Court and even after signing clear contractual terms, receiving large salaries and incentives, and being in highly competitive and client-focused roles;
  • We settled an employment dispute where the employee was subjected to four different sets of allegations amounting to serious misconduct. The employee was threatened with termination and no notice period. Within 5 days we had negotiated:
  1. Opportunity to resign;
  2. 4-week notice period be paid;
  3. An additional 8-week salary be paid;
  4. Annual leave accrued be paid out;
  5. Commission owning be paid out; and
  6. Statement of Service be provided by employer

If you believe that you have been unfairly treated, discriminated against, or your employment has been terminated unreasonably, contact Green & Associates Solicitors on (02) 8080 7585 to make a confidential appointment today.

We are also uniquely placed to provide in-house legal advice to Businesses and Individuals across a broad range of matters, including:


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