Dominic Green in Dynamic Business on Intellectual Property

August 8, 2016 Today an article featuring our Principal was published in Dynamic Business. It includes some tips startups should know in order to safeguard their intellectual property.

Teaching Defiant Dogs New Tricks – Contempt and Contraventions

February 11, 2016 Most of you probably have your own idea of what contempt is and how it would play out in Court. Perhaps Jim Carey in Liar Liar, copping a blasting for telling an inconvenient truth, or Harvey Specter in Suits getting threatened for flagrantly embarrassing a lesser skilled judge. Because of these traditional […]

When You’re Not in Kansas Anymore: Beware the Force of Jurisdictional Error

January 7, 2016 We were successful several times last year, and again on Monday, having cases dismissed summarily on the first Court date. Ordinarily, it is more difficult to have a case determined early, and nowhere near as quick as the first Court date, plus there are several procedural steps to be taken. Think of […]

Safe as Houses? Beware the Sting of Caveats

November 12, 2015 To most, caveats present a quick and effective means to secure an interest, such as a debt, against something concrete and enforceable. Due to the relatively cheap cost of lodgment, the quick and cheap ability to identify property against which they can be lodged, the effective asset-freezing security they can provide and […]

En Garde! Dealing with Security for Costs

September 23, 2015 Lawyers (and people generally) often speak of the ‘uncertainties of litigation’, especially when discussing costs. Typically, a client wants to know exactly how much a case will cost them to run or defend, and the lawyer is reluctant to even give an estimate, as opposed to a quote. The lawyer often cites […]

Keep Competitors from Clowning with Your Business: Passing Off & Other Tools

September 7, 2015 Perhaps as a result of the employment market or general economic conditions, we’ve seen a noticeable rise in recent times of commercial wars between small businesses, with varying circumstances. In one case, for example, a competitor with a long-standing relationship with our client set up shop across the road, using the same branding, […]

Willmott Forests & CBA Class Action – Green & Associates Objects

June 18, 2015 We’re currently involved in the Willmott Forests class action in the Federal Court of Australia, which is also being run against Commonwealth Bank and MIS Funding. This morning, at the directions hearing in Melbourne, we strengthened our roots and stood our ground, successfully raising our objections to what appears to be a […]

How Blind Negotiations Can Put You in the Red

November 26, 2014 We acted for a client recently in negotiating the purchase of a significant share of a startup business (a company). No matter how many times we insisted that the other parties obtain their own independent legal advice, they refused to do so. They were sure they knew what they were doing, and […]