Happy Holidays!

December 17, 2015

We take the opportunity to wish all of our valued clients and followers a much deserved break and all the very best in the year to come!

After tomorrow, our office will be closed until 11 January 2016. We will still check emails periodically and will attend to truly urgent matters if the need arises.



… IT ISN’T MINE OFFICER! A fundamental element for number of criminal offences, such as possessing or supply drugs or firearms,

New Bail Laws Criticised

Where There’s a “Will” There’s a Way? Tough new bail laws were passed last month in NSW. The intention was said

Dead Before Verdict

Dead Ends On The Road To Justice? On 7 July 2022, accused killer James Scott Church took his own life before

Off To The District Court

Are We There Yet? So you are charged with a Strictly Indictable Offence or a Table Offence and an election has

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