No Time for Old Timers? Elderly Drug Mules Detained.

If you think old age alone will keep you away from jail, think again.

Allegedly drug syndicates have been coercing elderly passengers to smuggle drugs into Australia in an apparent effort to earn back the money they scammed them out of in the first place.

After two elderly US citizens were caught at Sydney with 15kg of methamphetamine and 1.5kg of cocaine stashed in the linings of their luggage, they have been refused bail and remanded into custody.

Upon investigation, they advised police that they had flown in from Zimbabwe where they received the suitcases from criminal syndicates. They claim to have been forced to act as drug mules after falling victim to an online scam with a loss of $500,000 USD.

Two elderly German citizens were also recently arrested at Sydney airport with two suitcases containing 18kg of methamphetamine. Allegedly they were selected as mules because their age was supposed to make them inconspicuous and less susceptible to law enforcement.

However, while age is certainly a factor weighed in bail considerations, for such serious charges, far more is required to escape remand.

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