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Switching to a self-managed super fund (SMSF) allows you to choose where your super is invested, giving you the freedom to invest in rare or niche industries as you see fit. It also reduces the amount of tax accrued by your income and prevents your super from being invested in controversial or morally questionable areas commonly used by traditional retail or industry super funds.

However, self-managed super funds require a significant amount of time, energy and financial expertise to remain compliant with SMSF regulations and avoid potentially costly fines and get the most out of your investment.

When establishing an SMSF, it’s important to consult an expert commercial and personal lawyer to ensure your fund is compliant with Australian SMSF regulations. Our team will create your fund to your specifications and provide essential advice, guidance and support for any concerns you may have along the way.

With specialised advice and dedicated support, we make it easy to take back your super and control your investments. Contact our expert SMSF lawyers and get the ball rolling on your next investment today.

Why choose us?

At Green & Associates, we take the hassle out of setting up your self-managed super fund. We’ll ensure your new fund is compliant with SMSF regulations and provide you with everything you need to get started.

We’ll make things simple. Running an SMSF is a complex, time-consuming process. We’ll streamline the process and ensure you’re one step ahead with expert advice and clear guidance for your fund.

We’re experienced with SMSFs. Our team has worked on complex cases across NSW financial law. We’ll use our expertise and industry connections to set you up for success.

We want what’s best for our clients. We’re committed to getting the best outcomes for our clients and will be with you every step of the way in creating your SMSF.

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Why should you switch to a self-managed super fund?

While a traditional super fund is created and managed by industry or retail organisations, a self-managed super fund is run and operated by you.

The main advantage of opening a self-managed super fund is being able to control how and where your super is invested. Most industry and retail super funds choose investments on behalf of their clients without consulting them. This means your super can be invested in industries that you are morally opposed to, or that may not be the most beneficial to your super balance.

Opening an SMSF gives you control over your super and allows you to pick and choose your investments. However, it also requires a considerable amount of administrative and organisational work, which means it’s often not the most practical choice.

We recommend discussing your options with an expert solicitor from our team before taking the plunge into running your own super.

Where can I invest my super?

Common options for investing your super include residential property, shares, rare assets like antiques or art, cryptocurrency and more. While standard super funds tend to choose low-risk industries to invest in, a self-managed super fund gives you the freedom to choose your investments.

Self-managing your super removes the middleman from the investment process, making it much quicker to change your investment strategy with little notice. With a traditional super fund, taking advantage of new investment opportunities can often be slower and less effective due to the higher volume of supers managed under the same organisation.

Why do I need a solicitor to manage my own super?

Self-managing your super fund is a complicated, time-consuming process that can result in costly mistakes and legal pitfalls. Unless you have extensive financial experience with investing or managing a super fund, you need expert advice to avoid violating complicated SMSF laws.

At Green & Associates, we have extensive experience creating airtight SMSFs for clients across Sydney. We’ll ensure your super is set up to your specifications and keep you in the loop about potential legal mistakes along the way.

We can also help manage internal disputes between members if your SMSF is open to other parties, saving you time and energy.

Get in touch with our SMSF lawyers and discover the possibilities for your super.

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At Green & Associates, our results-driven team has delivered exceptional services to clients across more than 1,500 cases. With over 40 years of combined experience, our team will provide you with fast, timely and professional guidance when setting up your SMSF.

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FAQs about SMSF law

What are some of the risks of creating an SMSF?

SMSF law is a complex field that requires substantial financial knowledge to navigate. It’s important to understand the risks involved with opening your own self-managed super fund in Australia.

  • Regulation changes. Australian SMSF laws are regularly tweaked to suit new and changing circumstances. It’s essential to stay up-to-date on the latest SMSF regulations to avoid fines.
  • Potential fines. Violating SMSF regulations intentionally or by mistake can lead to heavy fines. In a traditional super fund, it’s up to the organisation to understand and comply with super regulations to avoid potential fines.
  • Risky investments. Traditional supers thoroughly research and assess investments ahead of time to avoid potential risks for their clients. Managing your own super fund means you’re responsible for conducting your own research and managing your own investments.

Regular fees. Setting up and managing an SMSF involves regular fees including set-up fees, auditing fees, annual reporting fees and investment management fees. Plus, the administrative time spent managing your super could be spent completing profitable work in other areas.
Our solicitors can help you avoid making costly, time-consuming mistakes and violating Australian SMSF laws. Contact us today for more information.

Can other people join my SMSF?
Yes. An SMSF can have up to six total members including yourself. You can also include family members in your SMSF, which allows you to manage your family’s collective super balance together.

However, the majority of the members in your SMSF must permanently reside in Australia to remain compliant with SMSF regulations.

What are the main responsibilities of being an SMSF trustee?
Operating an SMSF involves a considerable amount of time and administrative work to ensure your investments are sound and your fund complies with SMSF regulations. The main responsibilities of a trustee include:

  • Investment research. It’s essential to stay on top of market trends and industry changes that can affect your savings, as well as the savings of other members.
  • Complying with regulations. Regulations around SMSFs can change on a regular basis, which means it’s important to stay on top of anything that may affect your fund. Non-compliant funds are subject to costly fines.
  • Managing SMSF fees. SMSFs require a number of annual fees including audit fees, reporting fees, valuation fees, insurance fees and fees for legal and financial advice. It is the trustee’s responsibility to pay these fees.

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