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A family trust is a legally binding arrangement that allows you to protect income-generating assets, reduce taxes, protect property rights and distribute earnings to beneficiaries. Family trusts are also commonly used as underlying structures for family businesses, allowing you to regulate the rights and obligations of trustees and establish a plan for bequeathment.

If handled improperly, a family trust can introduce unnecessary conflict and preventable legal issues that can leave your family asset trust open for dispute. 

When it comes to organising your assets, you need an expert family trust lawyer to create a streamlined, ironclad trust. At Green & Associates, our commercial and personal lawyers have handled everything from complex estate plans to discretionary trusts, asset distribution and trust disputes. 

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Protect your assets with an airtight family wealth trust

Family trusts can create messy interpersonal conflicts and legal disputes that take time, energy and money to resolve. Our expert family trust lawyers deliver discreet services, expert advice and compassionate support to take the stress out of establishing a family asset trust

At Green & Associates, we go the extra mile for our clients. From providing airtight legal strategies to managing disputes, updating stakeholders and using creative problem-solving, we make it easy to protect your assets with a family trust.

With experience across a range of complex criminal, commercial and personal law cases, we can adjust your trust at your discretion while avoiding unnecessary conflict between beneficiaries. We can also act on your behalf to ensure any disputes are handled discreetly, efficiently and in your favour.

We work with clients in and around the following service areas:

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What is a family asset trust and when do you need one?

Family trusts are generally used by families to hold income-generating assets, like properties, and distribute income from those assets to key beneficiaries. These beneficiaries can include children, parents, grandparents, business partners, companies and other stakeholders, and can be altered as circumstances change. Family trusts are generally controlled by a single trustee who has the power to make changes to the trust as required. 

Establishing a family trust has numerous structural, legal and financial benefits that go beyond protecting your assets. The benefits of establishing a family trust include:

Our dedicated family trust lawyers have experience in these areas and can help you create your family trust, manage disputes and make structural changes to your agreement as needed. Get in touch today.

Meet our family trust attorneys

Green & Associates is the family trust attorney you need to avoid unnecessary conflict, costly disputes and other preventable issues with discretionary trusts. With over 40 years of experience across our team, our solicitors hold a range of skills, expertise and specialties to provide you with streamlined, hassle-free services. 

Meet our dedicated family trust lawyers and discover what makes us one of Sydney’s leading personal law solicitors.

Dominic Green

Principal Solicitor
Dominic founded Green & Associates Solicitors in 2014 after years of tutelage under some of the most well-respected solicitors and barristers in NSW. He has completed a vast amount of work in dispute resolution as well as transactional and advisory services. He has worked on many complex, high-profile cases alongside some of the most talented legal minds in Australia.

Svetlana Collantes

Senior Associate
With a Masters of Laws from the University of Technology in Sydney and Bachelor’s degrees in both French and Spanish, Svetlana Collantes brings an expert touch to our criminal, commercial and personal legal services. Svetlana has obtained over 12 years of exceptional results in banking and financial services, commercial law, class action disputes, corporate law, insurance resolution and dispute resolution. Having worked with one of Australia’s leading banks for almost three years, Svetlana brings exceptional qualifications and vital experience to the Green & Associates team.

William Martyr

William is a knowledgeable criminal lawyer with experience in a wide variety of subject areas. He is no stranger to the court room and approaches every situation with an analytical eye in order to achieve the best outcomes for all our clients.

Spyridon Augoustinos

Spyro Augoustinos is our resident conveyancing and leasing lawyer and has experience working on major commercial property matters. Prior to working at Green & Associates, Spyro was responsible for handling the disposal and acquisition of major suburban shopping centres, office buildings and more in the central Sydney region. Spyro holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree.

Anthony Kuschert

Anthony is a quick-thinker and has a gift for simplifying and solving even the most complex legal issues. Previously, Anthony applied these valuable skills for dispute resolution (internal and external) at the Westpac Banking Corporation.

Lily Douglas

Lily is a young and gifted solicitor who previously worked at an international commercial law firm and the Environmental Defenders Office, bringing a unique level of knowledge and expertise to the team. She has the know-how to apply the law to different scenarios in a practical and commercial manner.

Rayna Thomas

Graduate Lawyer
Rayna is a graduate lawyer at Green and Associates Solicitors. She has completed her Bachelor of Business and Commerce/Bachelor of Laws degree at The University of Western Sydney.

Riva Thapa

Law Clerk
Riva is the Law Clerk at Green & Associates Solicitors. Consistent with her interest in criminal law and justice, Riva is completing her LL.B. at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Ivy Green

Debt Collection & Security
Since joining the firm in 2021, Ivy has become an integral part of the team. She is responsible for debt collection, office security and the mental wellness of both staff and clients.

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