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 We are among the leading commercial law firms in Sydney. Some of the common contracts we deal with include the following:

1. Shareholder Agreements
2. Confidentiality Agreements
3. Franchise Agreements
4. Joint Venture Agreements
5. Heads of Agreements/Lease proposals and Lease Agreements
6. Partnership Agreements
7. Sale and Purchase of Business Agreements
8. Service Agreements
9. Loan Agreements
10. Agreements with respect to Trademark and Intellectual Property Law

We draft and review contracts and are well placed to represent clients in need of representation in a contractual dispute.



In circumstances where there has been a breach of a contract, we can assist you in exploring the possible remedies available for you. We may negotiate on your behalf, represent you in any alternative dispute resolution process that the parties may elect to take part in, or commence legal proceedings acting on your instructions. 


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We understand the complexities of commercial contract law, and can strategically assist you with your case to obtain a favourable outcome. Contact us on (02) 8080 7585 to arrange for a personal consultation.



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