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A family trust is a legally binding arrangement that allows you to protect income-generating assets, reduce taxes, protect property rights and distribute earnings to beneficiaries. Family trusts are also commonly used as underlying structures for family businesses, allowing you to regulate the rights and obligations of trustees and establish a plan for bequeathment.

If handled improperly, a family trust can introduce unnecessary conflict and preventable legal issues that can leave your family asset trust open for dispute.

When it comes to organising your assets, you need an expert family trust lawyer to create a streamlined, ironclad trust. At Green & Associates, our commercial and personal lawyers have handled everything from complex estate plans to discretionary trusts, asset distribution and trust disputes.

Take the hassle out of family and discretionary trusts and streamline the estate planning process with a family trust lawyer from our team. Get in touch with us today. 

Green & Associates Solicitors Experience and Success 

  • In addition to the below, we have established family trusts for asset protection and tax advantages, both discretionary and fixed;
  • We establish unit trusts for special purpose of joint venture vehicles with multiple business partners, each with their own underlying trustees, then establish shareholders agreements and other constituent documents for governance;
  • We handle purchase and sale of properties through trusts;
  • We negotiate deeds of family arrangement;
  • We have dealt with all aspects of estate planning, from obtaining probate through to final administration of estate;
  • We have acted for executors and trustees on behalf of estates for the sale of property, from residential homes through to large opal mines;
  • We regularly act for family law firms and their clients to give effect to final family law orders for property adjustment following breakdowns of marriages and relationships;
  • We have acted for executors and trustees on behalf of estates for the acquisition of property, including agricultural investment businesses with land;
  • We have prepared and secured enduring powers of attorney for property dealings on behalf of clients whilst overseas and before they lose capacity;
  • We have obtained and defended applications for financial management orders in NCAT;
  •  We handle all estate and succession planning, from Wills and powers of attorney through to succession planning for carrying on of business;
  • We deal with family provisions claims, other contests to Wills and estate disputes, including applications for removal and replacement of trustees.

We recently acted for an interstate client who was eager to move his mother in NSW to be closer to him and his family after she faced medical complications during surgery. The potential move required him to act on her behalf to arrange for accommodation, care and other matters, and as such, she needed to empower him to do so with an Appointment of Enduring Guardian and Enduring Power of Attorney. 

The client’s mother was faced with certain effects arising from the medical complications, including a language disorder. A letter of capacity was provided to our firm prior to meeting our client’s mother, however, the language disorder during the initial conference raised some concerns. Nonetheless, our firm worked with social workers to have a further capacity test done. Upon confirmation from the doctor, our firm worked with the rehabilitation centre’s speech pathologist to explain the documents and have the documents successfully executed. The move was then able to be expedited as the client’s mother was also eager to move to be closer to her son and his family.




Protect your assets with an airtight family wealth trust

Family trusts can create messy interpersonal conflicts and legal disputes that take time, energy and money to resolve. Our expert family trust lawyers deliver discreet services, expert advice and compassionate support to take the stress out of establishing a family asset trust.

At Green & Associates, we go the extra mile for our clients. From providing airtight legal strategies to managing disputes, updating stakeholders and using creative problem-solving, we make it easy to protect your assets with a family trust.

With experience across a range of complex criminal, commercial and personal law cases, we can adjust your trust at your discretion while avoiding unnecessary conflict between beneficiaries. We can also act on your behalf to ensure any disputes are handled discreetly, efficiently and in your favour.

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When it comes to creating a family trust, don’t settle for second best — contact our team today and get one of Sydney’s leading family trust attorneys on your side today.

What is a family asset trust and when do you need one?

Family trusts are generally used by families to hold income-generating assets, like properties, and distribute income from those assets to key beneficiaries. These beneficiaries can include children, parents, grandparents, business partners, companies and other stakeholders, and can be altered as circumstances change. Family trusts are generally controlled by a single trustee who has the power to make changes to the trust as required.

Establishing a family trust has numerous structural, legal and financial benefits that go beyond protecting your assets. The benefits of establishing a family trust include:

Reducing taxes — The income distributed from family trusts has a lower income tax rate.

Protection of property rights — Property ownerships are assigned to the trust rather than to individuals, reducing the risk of the property being seized during bankruptcy.

Protecting vulnerable family members or stakeholders — A trust can secure certain assets to prevent financially reckless beneficiaries from bankruptcy and other financial issues.

Estate planning — A trust can outline the plan for passing on assets to each beneficiary, which helps to streamline the estate planning process.

Our dedicated family trust lawyers have experience in these areas and can help you create your family trust, manage disputes and make structural changes to your agreement as needed. Get in touch today.

Meet our family trust attorneys

Green & Associates is the family trust attorney you need to avoid unnecessary conflict, costly disputes and other preventable issues with discretionary trusts. With over 40 years of experience across our team, our solicitors hold a range of skills, expertise and specialties to provide you with streamlined, hassle-free services.

Meet our dedicated family trust lawyers and discover what makes us one of Sydney’s leading personal law solicitors.

Dominic Green

Principal Solicitor

Specialising in: Litigation & Disputes, Criminal Law, Commercial Law, Property Law and Wills & Estates

Language spoken: English

William Martyr

Senior Associate

Specialising in: Criminal Law

Language spoken: English

Spyridon Augoustinos


Specialising in: Property Law and Wills & Estates

Languages spoken: English, Greek

Anthony Kuschert


Specialising in: Litigation & Disputes, Criminal Law, Commercial Law and Wills & Estates

Language spoken: English


Pamela Katsantonis


Specialising in: Property Law and Disputes & Litigation 

Languages spoken: English, Greek

Rayna Thomas


Specialising in: Litigation & Disputes and Wills & Estates 

Languages spoken: English, Malay


Riva Thapa

Law Clerk

Specialising in: Multi-disciplinary Assistance

Languages spoken: English

Sophie Wu

Accounts Manager

Languages spoken: English

Ivy Green

Debt Collection & Security

Since joining the firm in 2021, Ivy has become an integral part of the team. She is responsible for debt collection, office security and the mental wellness of both staff and clients.

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Green & Associates is the expert you need to establish your family wealth trust in Sydney. With a 97% success rate across over 1,500 cases, we know how to deliver exceptional services to our clients — no matter their case. Contact our team today and take the stress out of the family trust process with Green & Associates.

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