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Whether you’re purchasing or selling a business, our sale of business lawyers will keep the process running smoothly

While there are many standardised procedures and practices for buying or selling a business, the process can still be complex, time-consuming and confusing –even for experienced business owners. 

At Green & Associates, we go out of our way to deliver clear, streamlined services to our clients. Whether you’re purchasing or selling, our expert commercial lawyers can provide dedicated guidance and care throughout the negotiation, signing and handover process. 

With over 40 years of combined experience and more than 1,500 cases under our belt, we know how to handle the sale or purchase of businesses across a diverse range of complex industries including finance, retail and private businesses. From purchasing a small business to negotiating large-scale corporate mergers, we’re the business sale lawyer you need on your side. 

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Why choose Green & Associates?

At Green & Associates, our expert commercial lawyers are here to make the buying and selling process as straightforward as possible. Whether you’re selling a startup or purchasing a corporation, we’ll take the weight off your shoulders and keep the handover process as straightforward as possible. 

No matter how specialised your industry is, we’re the business sale lawyer you can rely on for clear communication, expert advice and practical solutions.

Our dedicated Kings Cross lawyers service the following Sydney areas:

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Get a reliable solicitor for buying a business and take the hassle out of purchasing your next great investment

Purchasing a business is a complicated process involving a variety of complex moving parts. Our reliable sale of business lawyers can guide you through the purchasing process with expert advice and strategic negotiation tactics to ensure your best interests are looked after. 

We’ll streamline the purchasing process by preparing all required contracts, arranging the transfer of leases, mortgages and loans, and providing advice on how to best protect your assets throughout the process. We’ll also minimise your purchasing risks by completing thorough due diligence of the business and identifying any essential conditions required in the Business Sale Agreement. In addition, our team will represent your interests throughout the process through conflict mediation and expert negotiation methods.

What is due diligence and why is it an important part of the purchasing process?

Due diligence involves investigating and vetting a business in order to identify any issues that may affect the purchaser. This allows you to understand the risks associated with purchasing a business before exchanging contracts. 

The due diligence process involves:

These offences typically involve small quantities of drugs. If an individual is found with traffickable or indictable quantities, the police may charge them with an indictable offence.

Our team can guide you through the due diligence process and ensure that you’re aware of any potential issues ahead of time. 

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Ensure a safe handover for your business with a sale of business lawyer from our team

Selling a business requires an immense amount of planning, organisation and paperwork that can interfere with the daily operations of your team. If you’re looking to sell your business in Sydney, you need a leading sale of business lawyer on your side to keep the process running smoothly. 

The following information needs to be organised and verified before selling your business:

In addition, it’s essential to identify and mitigate any issues that may interfere with the selling process or negatively impact negotiations with potential buyers.

What is goodwill and how does it affect the sale of a business?

Goodwill is a unique quality to every business and refers to the business’s ability to retain existing customers/clients and attract new customers/clients. The goodwill of a business is determined by two main factors:

Goodwill is an important factor in determining the business’s ability to expand and continue generating profits for its new owner. 

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Meet the team

At Green & Associates, our highly-skilled business sale lawyers come from a range of diverse backgrounds and have accumulated over 40 years of combined experience in commercial, criminal and personal law. We provide the utmost attention, care and diligence to deliver exceptional results and smooth communication to our clients. 

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Dominic Green

Principal Solicitor
Dominic founded Green & Associates Solicitors in 2014 after years of tutelage under some of the most well-respected solicitors and barristers in NSW. He has completed a vast amount of work in dispute resolution as well as transactional and advisory services. He has worked on many complex, high-profile cases alongside some of the most talented legal minds in Australia.

Svetlana Collantes

Senior Associate
With a Masters of Laws from the University of Technology in Sydney and Bachelor’s degrees in both French and Spanish, Svetlana Collantes brings an expert touch to our criminal, commercial and personal legal services. Svetlana has obtained over 12 years of exceptional results in banking and financial services, commercial law, class action disputes, corporate law, insurance resolution and dispute resolution. Having worked with one of Australia’s leading banks for almost three years, Svetlana brings exceptional qualifications and vital experience to the Green & Associates team.

William Martyr

William is a knowledgeable criminal lawyer with experience in a wide variety of subject areas. He is no stranger to the court room and approaches every situation with an analytical eye in order to achieve the best outcomes for all our clients.

Spyridon Augoustinos

Spyro Augoustinos is our resident conveyancing and leasing lawyer and has experience working on major commercial property matters. Prior to working at Green & Associates, Spyro was responsible for handling the disposal and acquisition of major suburban shopping centres, office buildings and more in the central Sydney region. Spyro holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree.

Anthony Kuschert

Anthony is a quick-thinker and has a gift for simplifying and solving even the most complex legal issues. Previously, Anthony applied these valuable skills for dispute resolution (internal and external) at the Westpac Banking Corporation.

Lily Douglas

Lily is a young and gifted solicitor who previously worked at an international commercial law firm and the Environmental Defenders Office, bringing a unique level of knowledge and expertise to the team. She has the know-how to apply the law to different scenarios in a practical and commercial manner.

Rayna Thomas

Graduate Lawyer
Rayna is a graduate lawyer at Green and Associates Solicitors. She has completed her Bachelor of Business and Commerce/Bachelor of Laws degree at The University of Western Sydney.

Riva Thapa

Law Clerk
Riva is the Law Clerk at Green & Associates Solicitors. Consistent with her interest in criminal law and justice, Riva is completing her LL.B. at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Ivy Green

Debt Collection & Security
Since joining the firm in 2021, Ivy has become an integral part of the team. She is responsible for debt collection, office security and the mental wellness of both staff and clients.

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FAQs about selling and buying legal services for businesses

Buying or selling a business is a complex legal matter that involves a number of important steps, including:

  1. Business valuation. The seller will conduct a valuation of their business including a complete inventory of their assets, equipment, patents or trademarks, and any other relevant factors that may influence the value of their business.

  2. The negotiation stage. This involves the buyer, seller and their respective representatives entering a phase of negotiations around the purchase of the business. In this stage, each party will present their ideal sale and purchase price based on the business’s key assets and value. Both parties will also introduce any special conditions required for the sale or purchase of the business.

  3. Exchange of contracts. After agreeing to terms, the buyer and seller will sign an agreement and exchange a set of legally binding contracts for the sale of the business. A 10% deposit of the purchase price is generally required from the buyer once the contracts have been exchanged.

  4. Business transfer. The seller will transfer the business title, lease and agreed-upon assets to the purchaser, and discharge any relevant mortgages or loans.

  5. Settlement. The buyer and seller will transfer all required cheques and documents on the settlement day, which is specified in the initial contract.

Here are some important questions to ask the seller in the negotiation phase when buying a business.

  • Does the business need to be revalued or has a relevant valuation been conducted recently?

  • Are the business’s financial records accurate and up to date?

  • What is the seller’s reason(s) for selling the business?

  • Is a handover period required?

  • What licences, permits and other relevant permissions is the purchaser required to have in order to operate the business?

  • Will existing employees be retained following the transfer of ownership?

A qualified sale of business lawyer will determine the most relevant questions to ask the purchaser. If you’re looking to purchase or sell a business in Sydney, get in touch with our team today.

With over 40 years combined experience across our team, we’re the commercial lawyers you need

Our Potts Point lawyers take the stress out of buying or selling a business in Sydney. We work hard to ensure your needs are met and will deliver clear advice and expert strategies to keep the process running smoothly. Contact our leading commercial lawyers today and get the best representation for your business sale or purchase.